a revolution in sound evolution.

We do not compromise. We do not build to a price point.
Our philosophy is to use the finest components and build to the highest standard.

The LIMITLESS is something totally new. It transports the performing musician into a digital age where the restrictions of polyphony and substandard sound quality no longer exist. For home, stage, and recording, the LIMITLESS gives you the power, storage, and integration to play and simultaneously combine any sounds and rhythms and play it live.


Imagine not having to chase the newest equipment hitting the market to capture the greatest sounds because you’ve already surpassed them! Imagine needing less floor space for your equipment – your spouse, bandmates, venues, and your back will love that! Imagine being able to practice at home, record, master and burn your own CD, then take those EXACT sounds on stage to perform LIVE!


Like anything else in life, laptops and music manufacturers have products who claim to do certain things, but the LIMITLESS stands supreme because in creating the LIMITLESS, we focused on:



Because your sounds are only as good as your weakest link, we provide RME studio grade A/D and D/A converters with rock solid drivers that deliver performance. Remember that the very best quality plugins and programs you can buy will not sound impressive if you play them using AM radio parts. It’s all part of the integration we bring to you.


Rather than sorting thru ‘so-so’ sounds to try and find something good – you will have tens of thousands of sounds that are ALL good – just different. You will find the sounds that move you, define your musical voice, and nobody will ever sound like you.


It’s nice to have one great sound patch, but what if you need that extra little sound added to that important sound to allow you to really ‘get into’ your musical performance? Here, you can play multiple instruments simultaneously, control their relative volumes, and glide from instrument to instrument seamlessly on the fly because all of these instruments are ON
at the same time.


You can now add to your existing instrument by picking and choosing what VST plugins YOU want to add. If someone creates a better acoustic piano plugin later, you can simply add it to your selection base. With over 7 Terabytes of space and hot swap bays that allow you to add 2 more solid state drives you will never run out of room.


If you have all of the above capabilities but it’s too heavy and cumbersome to carry, it is worthless.  The LIMITLESS comes in modular form that anyone can carry, even on a NYC Subway.  We use a 24” 10-point multi touch monitor that folds up flat because (a)-you need to carry it, (b)-it’s easy to see and use on stage, and (c)-multi touch is the future.

The LIMITLESS for KEYBOARDS revolutionizes what a keyboard player can do.


Now you can have the same sound quality the big shots use in the studio — in a live environment. However, unlike those exotic pristine studio sounds which consume uber processing resources, you now have the power to switch between your multi-layered presets effortlessly. This will allow for an overall better audio experience for you and your audience.


Our patent pending total system integration does all the heavy lifting — all you have to do is simply create.


You will be able to make every performance a multi-dimensional sound adventure. As a result of your new found sound quality, you can now increase your audio levels. The aural clarity will minimize blending with other instruments in the mix.


You can quickly and easily adapt to any onstage playing situation.


You can customize your own sound experience and add your unique imprint on the music you play. Nobody else will sound quite like you.


Choose from and combine literally tens-of-thousands of great sounding patches.


The studio quality AD to DA converters are made by RME. RME converters are good enough to be used in both the Olympics and the Super Bowl. If you play some of the best library samples in the world through a lesser quality converter, your amazing samples will dazzle something akin to an AM radio frequency. Think megaphone.


The software which creates this aural universe comes pre-installed. We have engineered The LIMITLESS to endure over the long haul so it will ensure a worthy lifelong investment.

The LIMITLESS for GUITAR has undergone 6 years of extensive testing in live situations. This opens new vistas for guitar players, much like the wah and fuzz did over 50 years ago. You will be able to do things you can’t even imagine. We realize this may not be everyone's cup of tea, but for those who dare to do incredible things, The LIMITLESS will not disappoint!


I will just leave you with this testimonial from one of my beta testers.


As primarily a rhythm player verses a shredding lead soloist, the LIMITLESS prototype has allowed me in a live setting and in real time with no recorded background tracks, to be able to add to my guitar... subtle keyboards, organs, piano and strings that sit behind others band members and 'fill in the dead spots', or, project instruments and sounds that accent and compliment my guitar work when I need to be out in the forefront. Whether I use an instrument independently or combine multiple ones all at the same time, the LIMITLESS prototype does it all, and with such sound quality that makes musicians and sound techs' eyes pop and jaws drop.


I now also have a HUGE range of guitar amps and effects to choose from, and I find that now when I go to music stores, I can't find anything that I don't already have or can't already do… it even utilizes my existing stomp-box pedals—AMAZING!


It's nice to be able to set all of my amp settings in the LIMITLESS at home and have it sound the same  in other locations, without the need to re-tweak the EQ. I also like the fact that with 4 XLR outputs so I can run sound directly out into my own monitors and hear what I'm doing on stage in stereo, It also provide a separate stereo direct feed to the mixing board so I know the audience will hear exactly what I want to project
in a song!


Every church should have this in their worship experience! I can't imagine going back to the old way of playing again. Blessings to you for acting on God's prompting and making this!”


Gary Myers: Chaplain/Guitar Player/Song Writer—DC Metro Area.

a revolution in sound evolution.


a revolution in sound evolution.


We have this ready but have not had a short beta testing period with it.

The  LIMITLESS for DRUMS will be the long awaited arrival of electronic drums that will rival any acoustic set in sound quality and flexibility.


It has:

  • The power (for low latency and many velocity layers)
  • The audio fidelity (of RME A/D & D/A converters)
  • The ability to change kits IMMEDIATELY after a song to begin the next one
  • The ability to play and control loops
  • The ability to use studio quality effect plugins to further control and modify your drums sounds


You see aspects of the multi-trigger pad thought process being used in various professional and semi-professional bands to add to the drummer’s toolbox. While you can use an existing electronic drum set as triggers for the DRUM LIMITLESS, what we have in mind is your existing acoustic set, outfitted with the newest ‘head triggers’ that can make the feel and touch of your drum playing closer to the real thing than ever before, your look will be that of playing real drums without that plastic enclosure that keeps you away from and interacting with your bandmates, and still have the very best sound quality of any set you choose from, at any volume!


We also have add on controllers – like Alternate Mode’s trapKAT programmed to give you more surfaces to play percussion, additional drum kits, as well as trigger loops.


You will be a very popular drummer.



a revolution in sound evolution.



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