Something for everyone…


Keep all your instruments open and mix them in real time—live or in the studio.


Get premium sound with the ability to change multiple drum kits the same way guitarists change their patches.


Volume conscious guitarists can forgo their amps and play today’s top software programs while controlling all parameters onstage.


You can store 4 TB’s of samples and integrate the 15” touchscreen into your environment.


You can use the muscle of theVIP with its 16 Gig of RAM and i7 chip to power all your virtual instruments and  take all the pressure off your existing system.

WorshipHouse of Worship

Now you will have the sound engine that will transform your
current system, increasing performance and reducing volume concerns.

Introducing the Virtual Instrument Player

Can you imagine a plug and play computer with an engine powerful enough to handle your imagination and creativity? Can you imagine it coupled with a system that SEAMLESSLY INTEGRATES COMPONENTS INTO AN UNPARALLELED PLAYING EXPERIENCE? Can you imagine having a instrument TAILORED AT THE FACTORY TO YOUR NEEDS?

Introducing the VIP—a plug and play computer designed for musicians by musicians.

To learn more, simply click on your instrument of choice at the top of this page and prepare to create, express and produce your music like you’ve never been able to before.